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Checklist For Buying At Auction

1. Things to bring with you:

  • Your catalogue
  • Chequebook with at least one cheque for each Lot or alternatively a bank draft will suffice (with also one bank draft in respect of each Lot).
  • Identification – your driving licence or passport and recent utility bill or bank statement (for proof of your address).
  • Details of the solicitors you intend to use or alternatively some purchasers bring their solicitor along with them to the sale especially when bidding on large or complex lots.

2. Order of Sale

The Order of Sale is a complete list of all Lots that are up for sale on the day of the Auction. It is important to check the Order of Sale carefully to see where the Lot that you are interested comes on the list and also as many properties are withdrawn or sold prior to the auction, if it is still for sale.

3. Addendum

Before you bid it is essential that you check the printed addendum and listen for any announcements made by the auctioneer detailing any changes that may have occurred. This is important, as these will form part of the Contract of Sale.

4. Start of Auction

The auction will start on time so it is important to be there early and to list and to listen the auctioneer’s announcements on the procedure and format of the auction. A summary of the auctioneer’s pre-sale announcements is printed in the catalogue and also appears on the website.

5. Bidding for your Lot

6. On the fall of the Gavel

When the gavel falls, if you are the highest bidder, you will have bought the Lot and a legal and binding contract will have been formed. The property is at your insurable risk from this point. Please ensure that you arrange your building insurance immediately after the sale. The property is sold unconditionally and if you are the successful bidder, you are legally obliged to complete the sale.

After the Lot has been knocked down, a member of the Auction team will approach you to obtain your contact details, the name of the purchaser to appear on the memorandum of sale (which cannot be changed later without the agreement of the Vendor) and details of your solicitor. If you are bidding on behalf of somebody else, either a person or a company, we will need details of their name, address and telephone number.

You will then be asked for a cheque (or bank draft) for the deposit, normally 10% of the purchase price (subject to a minimum amount).

7. Contracts

After handing over your cheque, you will be given a Lot card by the way of receipt. After approximately 10-15 minutes you should approach the contracts desk in the room and hand this card to the staff there who will ask you to sign the Memoranda of Sale. You will take away the Vendor’s part memorandum and give this to your solicitor. We will send your signed memorandum to the Vendor’s solicitor and completion will take place as specified on the special conditions of sale.

8. Completion

Completion will usually take place 20 working days after exchange of Memoranda (or as varied by the Special Conditions of Sale) under the supervision of your solicitor.

9. Unsold Lots

In the unlikely event that the property that you wish to buy does not sell, you should register your highest bid with us before you leave the auction room. We will contact the Vendor and ask them for their instructions and contact you if we think that a sale after the Auction is achievable.